Online Blackjack Surrender Overview

Blackjack Surrender is virtually the same game Blackjack apart from single slight modification that there is a re-do button. If players don’t like the hand they are dealt out, they can surrender by dropping out with only half of their original bet. Apart from the ability to surrender the game, every rule of Blackjack Surrender is same as standard Blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender

Like a classic game of Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender too has same objective where a player must get a hand of 21 or closest possible number to beat the hand of dealer or casino. A hand above 21 is Bust and same hand total between both player & dealer leads to a Tie.

Online Australian Blackjack Surrender Casinos 2019


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How to Play?

To play Blackjack Surrender, players begin the game initially by putting his/her bets by hitting on their chosen chip amount. When the player has placed the bet, clicking on the ‘Deal’ button will give player two face up cards. Dealer/casino too gets two cards, 1 facing down and 1 facing up.

When first two cards a player’s hand is 21 it is called a Natural and he/she wins the game with no card draw. Push is when both the deal and player has same hands.

If a player is dealt out cards which don’t equivalent to 21, he/she gets 3 options. These are –

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Surrender

Stand – If a player make a decision to ‘stand’, that means he/she is going to stick with the hand they hold and will not be dealt more cards.

Hit – If a player makes a decision to ‘hit’, he/she will be dealt an additional card. By clicking on Hit, the player can draw a new card. Player has the right to draw as many cards as he/she wants till the hand doesn’t exceed 21.

Surrender – In surrender, players may pick out an early or late surrender option, which will successfully let them to concede defeat and lose just one-half of their bet rather than their complete bet.

Types of Surrender

Surrender may seem like an extremely simple Blackjack strategy, but to make the best use of it, you should know about the different surrender options in Blackjack and when to use them. There are 2 types of Surrender in Blackjack – Early and Late.

  • Early Surrender – Early surrender is when the dealer/casino allows you to surrender the cards and returns half wager, even before checking the faced down card.
  • Late Surrender- In Late Surrender, the dealer/casino checks the faced down card after you surrender. If the dealer/casino gets a Blackjack, you lose your entire bet amount; otherwise half the bet amount is returned.

When to use Surrender option

Knowing when to surrender in Blackjack is interesting. Many casino players consider that the surrender option is very beneficial for them, because it cuts down the house edge. This is somewhat true because you lose just half rather than the complete bet, provided you surrender on time. Otherwise, you may needlessly lose money, when you could have in reality won some.

Here are some tips on when you should apply the surrender option to evade having losses.

  • The dealer holds a 10 or Ace and you hold a hand of 16 as the up card in one deck game.
  • The dealer’s up card is Ace, 9 or 10 and you have 16 when in multiple deck cards.
  • The dealer has a 10 face up card and you have 15.
  • If you are a card counter or decide to bet at some point, you can utilize that skill to surrender at the right times. With card counting, you will get an excellent thought of what sort of card is arising subsequently in the deck and can apply those odds to opt whether to play or to surrender. It creates it much easier to opt when you have a persisting count in your head.

Rules of Play

Here are the rules to play Blackjack Surrender –

  • Split – If you are dealt 2 cards of the equivalent value you can divide them by putting a 2nd bet and afterward play them as 2 distinguish hands. If you divide Aces, remember that you can just draw 1 extra card for every hand, or else you can continue hitting normally. If you get a 10 and an Ace on one of your hands it is counted 21 not Blackjack.
  • Double- If you consider your next card will have you defeating the dealer’s hand, you can double your bet later on being dealt out your first 2 cards.7 Card.
  • Charlie – If you draw 7 cards with no bust, you automatically win, except obviously the dealer has Blackjack.
  • Insurance- If the dealer depicts an Ace in his first hand, you can get insurance versus the dealer getting Blackjack. Insurance costs 50% of your original wager amount. If the dealer holds Blackjack, you obtain a rate of 2 to 1 on your insurance, in order that you don’t lose your original bet. If the dealer doesn’t hold Blackjack, you lose your insurance amount, regardless of the final result of the round.

Tips to Play

Surrendering must be used cautiously done, only in conditions where you are extremely doubtful about the dealer’s hand. Generally, there are some conditions when it statistically beneficial to surrender. Fact is in a game like Blackjack Surrender, there is no way to know precisely when and when not to surrender. Here are a few tips to play Blackjack Surrender –

  • If the dealer is depicting any of these cards – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, you should normally carry on in the game.
  • On the other hand, an Ace, 8, 9, or 10 are much more probably to confirm winning to the dealer. In this situation, it could be more advantageous for you to fold up early on in the game, instead of facing the outcome of the game through and losing your complete bet.