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Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer BlackjackBlackjack is deemed the most played casino game in the world for over three centuries now. With the advent of internet the traditional way of playing blackjack hasn’t changed though but the traditional setting came to a gradual shift as it was taken over by virtual setting powered by softwares.

The shift to virtual casinos was a step ahead in ascertaining the good interest of the users as now they were able to access the casino experience without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Moreover virtual casinos came with benefits that were never a part of the real land based casino. For instance, no land based casino would ever have allowed a player to play for free but, all virtual casinos reviewed by us allow free play account creation with unlimited free play.

With the advent of live streaming technology, the circle is coming back to where it started, but in a different avatar this time. Though dealers can now be seen in virtual casino too where the set up is real with real dealers, the best features of an online casino are kept intact.

The things that have not changed are- the player doesn’t have to travel to visit a real casino and still gets access to a casino bonuses and offers, and all he/she need is an internet connection and an account with a good online casino.

We have brought about a list of best online casinos which in addition to casino games also provide reliable and quality live dealer casino games including Blackjack.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos In Australia 2019


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Why Play At Our Top Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos?

Our reviewed casinos are the ones that offer the best live dealer casino experience in the existing casino industry. They have been chosen on the basis of the fact that:

  • They are constantly striving to add new Blackjack tables to meet the player’s increasing demands.
  • One gets the same treatment as meted at an online casino for they offer the bonuses and promotions in live dealer segment too to keep and help the players in any way possible.
  • These casinos make sure that the payouts are made quickly for these casinos have spent enough to bring this feature to life and hence the reputation they share with the casino players is one of our utmost priorities.
  • Many of these online casinos provide various variants of Blackjack with the same payout paid out by all in 3:2.
  • The streaming technology used by these casinos is really efficient such that one can also converse with the dealer in real time.

Hence there are two main advantages of playing Blackjack with live dealer:

  • Presence of a live dealer at real time means that instead of sharing the game time with a machine/software one can interact also with the a dealer. It helps in filling a big gap for it is next to impossible for the existing casino software to substitute human interactivity. It can just respond to limited commands and is totally incapable to provide a human like interaction.
  • Absence of RNGs (Random Number Generators) takes away the doubts a player feels about what happens behind the scenes and adds transparency to the whole process.

Live Dealer Blackjack Basic Rules

  • Eight 52 cards are used in a shoe and are shuffled periodically before the hands are dealt.
  • If one gets a blackjack in the first two cards a payout in 3:2 is paid whereas insurance bets pay in 2:1.
  • One can double down or can split down a pair with an option to use additional bets. Read about the rules and the bet types in our online Blackjack section.

How Does Live Dealer Blackjack Work?

  • It works simply the way it happens in a land based casino, the player finds a seat at the table, bets are placed and cards are dealt by the live dealers. The only difference is that one has to create an account with an online casino instead of visiting a real ‘brick and mortar casino’ and the live HD feed is directly received on ones device.
  • Player places the bet, decides upon the betting amount and the strategy to be followed and the decision is relayed to the live dealer.
  • The players still use an interface which has an extra screen that shows the activity of a live dealer. Players can see the shuffling of the cards live and the cards being dealt plus can also voice the bets and have a talk with the dealer. Hence not only the rules used by the ‘land based’ casinos are employed the players, unlike other online Blackjack games, get to have a chat with the dealer while playing.
  • Live dealer casinos mostly provide two broad Blackjack versions namely multiplayer and single player and they use oversized cards for camera remains fixed at a place and no close ups are provided.
  • Like most of the real land based casinos the Blackjack table in case of multiplayer is able to accommodate seven players at a time and utilizes 4, 6 or eight 52 cards.

Live Dealer Blackjack FAQ

Yes it is safe to play Blackjack through live dealer casino. They don't use random number generator software and the player gets to see the whole action in front of one's eyes in real time. The transparency makes it really believable and the player is able to judge the authenticity of the game being played.
It is usually not possible, for even though every casino tries to add new tables and make additions very often yet meeting the demand is usually not feasible. It is really not possible to accommodate all the casino players that seem to grow every second. This is the reason that most of the online casinos create time table for live dealer games and just like land based casinos the players are advised to reach early so that the chance of getting a table increases.
Yes, these can be played on any device whether portable or not. Even in case of mobiles it doesn't matter what the operating system is- Windows, Apple or android, one can easily access and play at a live dealer blackjack casino.
There is no difference between the two in terms of rules and play, the only difference is that the online blackjack works totally through the use of softwares whereas live Blackjack game is being delivered by the actual dealers without any use of RNGs.
Live dealer casino game is not made available in free play for the online casinos spend a lot to bring about their live dealer casino segments. A part of money they charge as well as the money the casinos win, is spent in paying the live dealers and to cover up the investment like place/studio, cameras etc. that are being used to deliver the service.