All About Live Dealer Hold’em

Live Dealer Hold’em

Live Dealer Hold'emPlaying at ‘Live Dealer Poker’ is just like playing at a land based poker table, except the fact that one can play at one’s home or other chosen place in case of live dealer casino. It makes it necessary that a player should have an internet connection and a device to play at, as well as an account at a casino which provides live dealer games.

Live dealer poker’s most prominent and wide spread played version is Texas Hold’em which has further two versions: Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Standard Texas Hold’em. In standard game the players compete with each other whereas in Ultimate the players aim is to defeat the dealer.

One should understand that it is not a two way process in case of video streaming for the user is usually not visible to the dealer. Hence the requirement of a webcam is not a necessary.

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Why Choose Live Dealer Hold’em?

Live dealer Poker is a good option against land based casinos for

  • It works in real time scenario aided by live streaming technology and involves a real dealer
  • Allows a ‘Real’ casino experience with all the benefits of a virtual casino.
    (i) Welcome Bonus + Promotions
    (ii) Multicurrency banking options
    (iii) Doorstep service
    (iv) Around the clock customer service
    One must choose a good online casino and shall register with it for only then live dealer games can be accessed. Also keep in mind that ‘No Free Play option’ is available for live dealer section.
  • Just like ‘real’ casinos, these provide open option for interaction through chat as well as through live video chat.
  • Unlike real casinos these live dealer games provide timetables. They do so because like real casinos they are not yet 24/7. Moreover though tables are being added frequently yet this new technology is at its budding stage and hence is proving inadequate in accommodating big crowds.

Note: ‘Not-so-fast’ internet connection may lead to a weak or haphazard feed which certainly would not be pleasing. Hence in order to solve this problem one should make sure that the internet connection’s bandwidth one is using should be big enough and try to avoid dial up connections.

How to Play Live Dealer Casino Hold’em?

  • As it would be clear by now that live dealer Hold’em is a ‘poker’ game and hence all poker rules and bets followed at a casino are applicable.
  • Like in traditional poker, cards are dealt to both player and dealer. The player having the best hand wins in the end though in case of live dealer Hold’em the way of proceeding is a bit different.
  • Player starts by making an ‘Ante’ bet after which he/she is dealt two hole cards and three community cards which are also called a flop. Ante bet is a forced bet that players have to make before the actual hand starts.
  • The dealer also gets two hole cards, after which the player decides whether he/she should play or fold. To fold means to discard one’s hand, after which re-entering the bet is not permitted. Folding is done either by turning all cards face down or by saying ‘I Fold’ which literally means that the player has given away any claim on the current pot.
  • If a player chooses to play instead of ‘fold’, the player has to make a bet twice that of the Ante bet which is then called the ‘Play bet’.
  • If the player continues, the final two cards are dealt after which both player and dealer show their hands and the one who has the bigger hand wins.
  • If the round ends and the player emerge as the winner then the dealer has to qualify by obtaining a pair of 4’s or better. In case the dealer doesn’t qualify then the player’s bet is returned and only the Ante bet is paid.
  • In case the dealer qualifies then the player is paid both the bet as well as the Ante bet.
  • One should also take a note that if the dealer has the full house i.e. if the dealer has won then the player will not receive any odds on the ante bet.

Bet Types:

  • Ante: It is a sort of compulsory bet and has to be placed according to the limit.
  • Flop: In this case the player can either raise or fold. Fold leads to loosing Ante bet whereas if player chooses raise, then three cards are dealt. And as stated above, in this case the player bet twice the amount betted in case of Ante bet.
  • Turn: Player either checks or calls. In case of check no bet is made whereas ‘Call’ calls for a fourth card to be dealt. Check means that the player declines to make a bet i.e. ‘no betting’ state.
  • River: Here also one can check or call, a fifth card is dealt in case of call followed by showdown.

Live Dealer Hold’em FAQ

Players are advised to gain some prior experience of Texas Hold'em through RNG casino games before moving on to the 'Live Dealer' version.
Yes. Since all the action occurs in front of the player and these live dealer games are brought out through the best casino software providers, they are deemed safe and fair. Presence of eCOGRA certification is enough to make a person
One can easily find live dealer at one's casino account's lobby, just click on the live dealer option and start playing. Hence one can easily access and play live dealer through desktop or mobile 'downloadable' casino application or directly at a web browser.
Definitely yes, one can customize the live dealer casino by changing the settings which might vary from casino to casino. Hence if one is not able to do so, contact the customer service and follow the instructions to make the changes you seek.
Yes, a player can place bets automatically or can automatically re-bet after a win for a given number of rounds. One can do so by selecting an 'Auto bet' option available with the settings of the live dealer casino game one is playing.
If one already has an account with the casino then one is not required to create an account for one can easily play live dealer Hold'em through existing desktop/mobile or web browser version. And if one doesn't have a casino account, one will have to create an account got live dealer games are not available at free play, even at those casinos where one is not required to sign in to play for free.
If you have opted to play live dealer Hold'em using the web browser version of your casino, make sure that the web browser is a good one like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or any other as specified by the casino's technical requirements. If browser is the one that is specified and the problem still prevails, one should check that pop ups are not blocked for that also restricts the live dealer from launching. Hence one must visit the browser settings, go to tools and enable the pop ups.
Though this is never been observed with the live dealer casinos we have listed. Still if a disconnection occurs, all the placed bets will stand and the game resumes from the place where the connection error occurred.