Cahill seems all pepped up in spite the dirty game he is expecting from the Chileans!

Tim Cahill wants his Australian mates to be geared up for dirty battle he is expecting from the Chileans. He is even prepared for some shirt pulling and nudging but has chosen to stay affirmative as he has faced similar situations earlier.

While everyone else is busy writing off the Australian team he and their coach seem charged up for 2014 World Cup and have taken the criticism in their stride.

The South Americans seem to be very well aware of Tim’s aerial threat and he believes he would definitely face distractive attacks from them. He expects the referees to keep their eyes open and advices his young and untested team-mates to enjoy the game and be fearless. Cahill also hopes to make the other teams face the most difficult ninety minutes and seems quite confident about his position and his young team-mates.

Expectations from the new coach

For Ante Postecoglou Brazil is where he can make history and reach on the summit of his profession. Having struggled a lot he is someone with strong conviction and self belief and has taken the Australian Football scene to new heights. The number 62 tag on his team doesn’t seem to bother him much and is ready to face the battle. He also expects a lot from Cahill and wants the team to prove that in spite of a weak upfront they did exceed the expectations of everyone.

Vidal‘s Injury

The star player of the Chilean squad Arturo Vidal had to back out from the game following a knee injury. However if the rumor mills are to be believed he was training with his team on Wednesday. When Cahill was asked to comment on the absence of Chile’s most influential player he was quick to add that it may be of tactical advantage to them but they rather concentrate on their preparations. He also expects Vidal to show up on the pitch and surprise everybody.