Copa America 2016: Preview, Details and Prediction for Argentina vs. Chile Finals

After Lionel Messi’s record breaking performance in the Argentina vs. USA, Argentina has managed to secure a place in the finals against Chile.

As the two teams come face to face on Sunday, 26th June 2016 at MetLife Stadium, the tension between two teams can be sliced with a knife!

Two-Year History to Repeat Itself?

Last year this time, Argentina and Chile had battled it out and the result was 0-0 that eventually led to a penalty kick out. Although Argentina tried hard to win the trophy, the result of the match was 4-0 which ended in Chile’s glorious “penalty kick” victory. This year the pressure is building up on Argentina since this is its third major final! Losing the last two finals in a row has proved to be extremely disappointing for the team. Retired Argentine footballer Diego Mardona has warned his successors to” Win or Don’t Come Back”

However, the last match between Argentina and Chile in the Copa America 2016 ended on a 2-1 score where Angel Dimaria was declared the Man of the Match. According to the history of the two teams, Argentina has won 59 times and lost only 7 times but the last two defeats have certainly dampened the spirits of Argentina’s fans.

Watch Out for These Players!

Argentina’s Lionel Messi has been performing exceptionally well and is expecting to maintain his legacy by adding an international trophy to it. After a record breaking score in the Argentina and USA match, Messi is expected to be in his best form this year. The player is said to have broken Gabriel Batistuta’s 54 goal and 25 yard strike record. After Messi, Gonzalo Higuain has been ranked among the top scorers in the tournament. During the match against Mexico Higuain performed rather well.

On the other hand, Alexis Sanchez from Chile has been going strong throughout this tournament. The country and the player have continued to perform rather well this year. The Colombia 2-0 and the Mexico 7-0 victories have proved that this team is here to stay!

Final Prediction

Although the last year’s final was not up to the mark after both the teams battled through the match’s first two hours without scoring a goal. This year, the teams are being more careful so that they do not repeat the same. Argentina and Chile both have ruled the competition this year which makes the finals even more cut throat and intense. Important players of both the teams have been playing well. However, Argentina looks like the one who has slightly better chances of emerging a winner as Chile has lost out on many matches. If the team maintains the pattern it has been following throughout Copa America 2016, there is nothing that can stop it from winning the cup!

The score is expected to be Argentina 2-1 Chile.