Crazy Vegas Casino Introduces the Month of Gold Promotion

In its latest promotion, Crazy Vegas Casino is giving players an excellent opportunity of winning a share of $30, 000 prize pool.

This Offer titled, Golden Draw is a win-win situation for players willing to play their favorite online slot game.

Registration for the Golden Draw has already begun as this offer is scheduled to continue from 15 September to 23 October 2016.

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Key Details of Golden Draw Promo

It is to be taken into consideration that the offer is set to last a month. In order to earn tickets towards the draw, players are supposed to put money on their favorite online games.

How can a Player Earn Tickets in Draw?

Tickets for the draw are distributed under three categories. If you place a deposit of $250 on any slot game of your choice, you will be receiving one Bronze ticket towards this Golden Draw. If you double the deposit to $500, then the casino will reward you with one Silver ticket to participate in this draw. In the third category, the deposit money is increased to a whopping $1000 deposit. Wagering this amount entitles player to receiving one Gold ticket, 2 Silver tickets and 4 Bronze tickets.

Remember that the higher is the amount of money deposited by player; the better will be the chances of winning such an incredible offer.

What Players Win in Golden Draw Promotion

Depending upon the tickets purchased by players, they will be directed to three different Draw categories as per casino rules.

In the Bronze Draw, up to 200 players will be awarded $50 as bonus prize money. In Silver Draw, up to 40 players will have the opportunity of getting rewarded $250 as the bonus prize money. The Gold Draw is a humongous bonus offer. Up to 10 players selected as winner will receive $1000 as bonus prize money.

Playing at Crazy Vegas Casino is an all together different experience this month. Players signing up at the casino until 23 October 2016 get to participate in the Golden Draw, provided requisite deposits are being made.

However, in order to avail this bonus offer, players need to abide by the requisite terms and conditions set forth by the casino.

Terms and Conditions of Golden Draw

As per the bonus rules, a player can avail only one prize in one category during the promotion period. However, what makes this offer a winning opportunity is the fact that players are eligible to claim prizes in all three categories of this draw.

  • Winners will be determined via draw scheduled to take place on 24 October 2016. This draw will decide winners in all the three categories. Prizes are given in the form of bonus money that is directly being credited to a player’s account. Therefore, make sure that accurate details are being furnished by you at the time of registration or else you may lose out on the reward money.
  • Players have the flexibility of keeping a check on their prize money and progress in this promotion within the casino client by clicking on lobby slider.
  • Alongside these promotion rules, the standard terms and conditions of this bonus offer are also applicable. You are suggested to read through the policies correctly so as to avoid any confusion.

Note-At no point, should a player manipulate casino policies. If there is any forging, then Crazy Vegas Casino reserves the right to cancel a player’s candidature without any information in prior.

Click Here to Participate in Golden Draw Promo at Crazy Vegas Casino