How is Slot Machines Different from Pokies?

Every individual who has ever visited any of the Australian online casinos must have come across the word “Pokie” thrown around and wondered about what it exactly means.

If you are also one of them, all you need to do is simply take a walk through this detailed guide on what exactly an online pokie is and how different it is from online slots.

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What exactly is an online pokie?

For beginners, pokie is nothing but a slang phrase used by Australian wagers to refer to online slot machines. Typically, the name pokie is believed to be derived from “pok” in the “poker machine” and has subsequently evolved to be finally known as a Pokie. Another argument which explains the usage of the term pokie is that across Australia, the gaming machines dominantly make use of video screens as compared to the actual spinning wheels and the poking action which is widely popular while playing casino games across Australian casinos, clubs and pubs is what lead to the origination of the term “pokie” instead of the traditional online slot machine.

Difference between Pokie and Slot

There is no significant difference between an online pokie as well as online slots. The most common difference found between these terms is the fact that instead of using the term “slots” like in the case of majority of parts of the world, casinos in Australia makes use of the term “pokie”. However, there is no hard and fast rule that pokies require players to poke the machine using their fingers instead of spinning the wheel.

With the Australian folks largely popular for their slangs and abbreviations, it comes across as no big surprise that they have also found an abbreviation “pokie” from the original word “poker machine”.

Having said that, Australian players may have a hard time in explaining the term “pokie” when they are in casinos in any other part of the word, even though we cannot disagree on the fact that online pokie surely sounds more fun and chic as compared to the term online slots.

What is Slot Called in Other Parts of the World?

Ever since electronic games have come into existence, people from different parts of the world have found different slangs and phrases to describe them. In addition to online slots being known as “pokies” in Australia, players in England refer to these slot machines as “Fruit Machines”. Not only this, slots are known as “Puggys” in Scotland. Among people who are fans of old- fashioned conservational slangs, these slot machines are referred as “One- Armed Bandits”.

Today, both Australian online pokies as well as American online slots have become very similar to each other in terms of their functionality and with a plethora of online slot versions being conceived every other day, it certainly has become difficult to spot the difference between the ones which are created in Australia or any other part of the world.

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