Celebrate the $80,000 Easter Bonusfest with All Slots and All Jackpots Casinos

All Slots and All Jackpots Casinos are a part of the coveted Jackpot Factory Group which is well known for its fantastic bonuses and rewards. This April, this group has created an Easter Bonusfest two of its most well known casinos namely All Slots and All Jackpots Casinos.

This bonus promotion will be running through both these casinos all through April and it will end with a draw worth $10,000 on the 29th of April 2015!

How to be a Part of the Bonusfest!

Participate in the Bonusfest by accumulating eggs on every deposit worth $20 or more. The more you play the more eggs you will accumulate and according to the eggs collected, bonuses will be paid out. A break up of the bonuses is as follows:-

  • 2EGGS=$50
  • 3-4EGGS=$75
  • 5-6EGGS=$100
  • 7EGGS=$150

Golden eggs need to be collected on different days and 7 eggs or more will get you the maximum bonus worth $150. The casino will also offer weekly rewards during this promotion period which include free spins, cash backs and other bonus prizes. Players can also receive golden eggs by visiting the All Slots Casino Facebook page. This bonus loaded fest will end on the April 29 with a lucky draw!

About Jackpot Factory

The Jackpot Factory group was formed in 1999 and it comprises of four famous online casinos. All Slots and All Jackpots Casinos are the most popular members of the group as they provide a huge collection of casino games, promotions and bonuses.