A Beginner’s Guide to Online Gambling

According to a recent online survey, a new player enters online casino gambling circuit every single second.

The figures are startling, but what may deserve attention is that these players often fail to convert their investment into huge payouts; with the prime reason being their (referring to New Players) incompetence due to lack of knowledge.

This article is primarily focused on equipping players with online casino gaming scenario in Australia and the various ins and outs attached to it, especially from the point of view of new players.

What does ‘Opt-in’ stand for in terms of casino gaming?

Opt-in is a term generally used to define that a player wants to participate in specific promotion by furnishing details like username and password. Selecting this option refers to the fact that you intend to claim the specific promotional offer. In majority of the online casinos, Opt-in link can be reached either via promotional message displayed onscreen or through the link provided in player’s confidential email address.

‘Loyalty Points’ is a commonly used term; what does it mean?

Basically, Loyalty Points refer to cash bonus that can be earned in exchange of points. The value of Loyalty Points can be known depending upon VIP level membership of player. For instance- at Casino.com, a player owning Silver level membership has 100 Loyalty points that are worth $2.50.

It is therefore, always said that a player must try and save his/ her points to climb up the status ladder at chosen casino.

What is a Deposit Code?

A code is a unique number that may be numeric, alphanumeric or simply in alphabetic representation that is specifically being used while placing deposit for a promotional offer. Most of the times, it is meant to avail the bonus exclusive to an offered deal. The concerned bonus in respect to this promotion is credited to your casino account immediately after deposit. These could be reload bonuses, bonus of Free Spins or cash offer as the deal may be.

About Terms & Conditions

Some of the risks associated with online gambling are worth consideration. It therefore makes sense for new as well as experienced players to go through terms and conditions in detail. T&C of any top online casino in Australia are meant for a fair gameplay. So, you must not hesitate in getting the facts right at first place.

Besides terms and legal constraints that are standard to every casino, the other conditions are subject to variation from one place to another.

What if Internet connection disrupts while you are still playing?

It also depends on the loading time of game as well as your ADSL connection. While some games lead you back to the starting point, others may be logged out. Such games like Roulette and Slots can be preceded via the Game History section wherefrom you may get to know the result of previous play. It can also be casino specific, so there is no absolute rule pertaining to interruption of Internet connection.

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