Were Markets Prepared for Brexit? Know What the Australian Bookies Think!

The Brexit is official for now; however, the question is what next? Were the markets prepared for this EU referendum?

Is this global financial loss in line with what the punters predicted? And, most importantly, are the Australian bookies facing the brunt of this exit? Find answers to these questions in the following text…

Post Britain's decision to leave European Union; there has been a continuous surge in the Global markets. The wobbling stock markets, commodity prices, indices, etc are looked up to as just some of the after-effects. However, what draws attention here is that the Australian bookmakers are now left to counting the cost of the losses incurred.

The top online betting sites have recorded major losses, as reported in a recently conducted study. It has been seen that dropping share prices have largely hampered the online bettors. However, irrespective of the fact that the market referred to it as a wrong decision; what comes as a surprise is that it won’t be too long that situation would be stable again. Many reputed online platforms including bet365 and Betfair amongst Sportsbooks feel that now that the decision is made, profits will soon start pouring in into the accounts of online bookies in Australia.

According to recently published news in a leading daily online, the punters are earning heavily on the results of EU referendum, and it has turned out to be one of the biggest ever betting events.

Now What Next on the EU Referendum & Betting in Australia…

As is known to all, post this decision both Britain and the EU have two years’ time to decide on the series of steps to undertake next. This in turn has made way for another event to bet upon. Those, who are into regular online betting, must know the best online platforms to place bets on the outcomes of second EU Referendum. The betting odds for now suggest that there will not be any votes for now.

Britain deciding to vote out of EU and Prime Minister’s resignation had the World in shock when the results of the EU Referendum arrived post Thursday’s voting but, it was the Stock Exchange that panicked the most with even the World’s biggest economies being hit hard.

Investors or bettors, the Brexit has affected markets across the globe. As a punter, you can make the most of this event by placing your bets online.