Online Blackjack Coaching App introduced by Microgaming

Microgaming has established a new product that does not instantly offer remote gambling but is closely associated. Microgaming launches a new and entertaining blackjack coaching game entitled Bronzebeard Blackjack the Strategy Coach.
This instructs players how to play blackjack using best strategy by a free-download 3D mobile app specially designed for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Xbox. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Phone Store and once downloaded will not need Internet connectivity.

The app boasts more than 60 unique 3D animations, four levels of game play and a profusion of special treasures wins. Captain Bronzebeard leads players on an intergalactic and educational adventure. The various advantages of the Microgaming mobile app are enumerated out at the website. In this app, the standard blackjack options of stand, hit, double and split are evidently available but doubling after bursting is also allowed. As players move on through the mobile app they will unlock greater and better animations for Bronzebeard and this will add an entertaining part to the serious coaching. Microgaming has made additional announcement that goes outside gaming in association with an online slot going live this month. The slot game is Girls and Guns-Jungle Heat.

Beside the game, Microgaming will establish a microsite devoted to the online slot game. Girls and Guns stuff will be available from this microsite keen to the online slot games.