Test your luck with Nursery Rhymes at Royal Vegas Casino

In what comes across as a cute yet unusual feature, players at the Royal Vegas Casino will now be able to put their luck to test with the help of nursery rhymes.

Georgie Porgie Online Slots at Royal Vegas Casino

Until and unless you are sensitive to ecstatic feelings like winning huge money, the rhyming reels Georgie Porgie online slot will not give you any chance to shed a single tear. This Australian- style video slot offers all players with 5 reels as well as 15 payline.

Once you start playing this video slot, you will understand that it stands up to its cute and humorous reputation. The theme of this video slot does full justice to the Georgie Porgie nursery rhyme. There are colorful alphabetic letters on which all participating players can feast by making use of the 5 reels.

More about Georgie Porgie slot game

If you have heard this nursery rhyme, you will understand the theme of this slot game pretty well. Apart from colorful alphabets, there are the pretty girls that Georgie Porgie made cry, fresh mint for Georgie Porgie’s breath as well as the athletic boys.

Georgie Porgie Wild Symbol

Georgie Porgie Logo is the Wild Symbol in this slot game and it can be exchanged with other symbols to create the desired combinations. Once this is achieved, the final payout is 5 times of the normal payout that is given on that particular combination. If this logo is used as Wild Symbol during free spins, a payout 25 times of the normal payout is given. On getting 3 or more Wild Symbols on the payline, huge payouts are given and on getting 5 Wild Symbols, a jackpot worth 7500 times the payline is awarded to players.

Breath Mints for Free Spins & Scatter Wins

The fresh breath mints used by Georgie Porgie before kissing pretty girls acts as the Scatter Symbol in this slot game. A payout worth 2 times of the total bet is won if 2 fresh mints appear on the reels. Players win 15, 20 and 25 free spins in case 3, 4 or 5 fresh mints show up. During free spins, all payouts are multiplied by 5. Also, an extra free spin is awarded every time a fresh mint appears during an existing free spin.