Online Craps for Beginners

Online Craps is a very interesting game and you can earn some really good profits by getting a hold on the easier and less- complex Craps bets in the beginning.,/p>

What is Online Craps all about?

The very first look at a Craps table will give you the impression that it is a difficult game. However, Craps is probably the easiest online casino game. In online Craps, all you need to do is roll a pair of dice and if you can do this, you are good to play this game.

Unlike the Craps game that you will see in Vegas, the online version of this game is pretty simple to play and as a player, you only have to predict the numbers that are going to show up on the rolled dices. Not only this, you do not even have to predict the exact number on the dice. There are different varieties of Craps bets that you can place. For instance, you can place your bets on whether you feel that one particular number will be rolled before any other particular number. If your intuition plays right, then voila, you just won!!

All you need to know about bets and rolls

Playing online Craps is no rocket science and going through this easy guide will make you familiar with all the basic things that you need to be aware of before playing online Craps.

First of all, there is difference between playing Craps in a real land casino as well as playing it online. The only thing that applies to both the version of this betting game is that there are starting and ending points. On the other hand, you get to roll the dice every time when you are playing Craps online, while in a real life casino, there is a new shooter for every new game.

Best Craps games for beginners

For beginners, it is always advised to start playing Field first. In a Field Bet, the player puts his money on the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12 to be rolled. If any of these numbers are rolled, you win the game. Another game suitable for beginners is Place bets. In Place Bets, you bet on any particular number being rolled and that it will essentially appear before the number 7 is hit. If the number that you placed your bet on hits, you win the game.

Tips for beginners

Beginners usually assume that Big 6 and Big 8 can win them huge money. However, what they do not know is that these games give extra money to the house, say an advantage of 9%. Instead of Big 6 and Big 8, try playing Place Bets and Field Bets initially.