Relaxation for the Queensland Casino Houses

The Red Tape drive intends to issue more licenses in the south-east state and there is also good news for the clubs functioning as they can increase their number.

To avoid the assembly of casinos in the southeast region the Government of Queensland has decided to drop the Poker Machine Regional Quota which ensured that the pokies don’t drift to south-east region. In addition to this the clubs in Queensland can also be permitted to raise the number of Poker Machines from 280 to 300.

However the maximal number of gambling machines allowed in the state clubs will still be limited to 24,705. The clubs will still be required to take permission from the State’s commissioner for liquor and gaming for increasing the number of machines. The ‘near rule’ which allowed the clubs to buy new premises in the vicinity of the existing one only might also come to an end as that will allow the clubs to broaden into new areas. By eliminating the geographical restrictions the clubs get a better chance of trading.

The Queensland Government also allowed the clubs to cater to the ‘ticket-in’ and ‘ticket-out’ technology which is a substitute for cash. According to IGT, one of the leading gaming machines manufacturers, this technique will reduce the amount of cash handled to the players and result in extended intervals of machine operation. The states imposed an additional tax on the gambling industry in response to which the industry representatives requested the reform.