Royal Vegas Casino Makes Way for World Domination in Stock Up Promo!

Participate in the ‘Stock Up’ promotion at Royal Vegas Casino to trade your way to World domination.

This offer is giving players an excellent opportunity to claim bonuses including free spins, deposit matches, credits, and so much more…

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How to Participate in this Promotion?

This deal is aimed at rewarding players with an opportunity of World domination. You can log in to the casino and follow some easy steps to be part of this deal. All you have to do is to earn reward points during the time period between 6- 30 September 2016. As per casino rules, a player is required to collect the maximum possible reward points while playing online. These points are subject to being converted to Shares on Stock Up.

In the following step, the concerned casino will debit these shares towards acquiring companies from the list of continents. Over all, there will be five companies in every continent for the player to acquire. Acquiring these companies entitles you to receiving free spins and deposit matches as stated in the bonus offer. Remember, these bonuses will be bigger and better with the passing time, so make an attempt at registering the maximum possible wins on the go at Royal Vegas Casino.

There is a small catch here…A benefit actually!

In the following text, we will be highlighting the key traits of ‘Reward My Progress’ offer.

  • The number of free spins you win depends entirely upon the companies acquired.
  • If you have acquired 3-5 companies, then you will get 10 Free Spins, acquiring between 6-9 companies provides you with 15 free spins, scoring anywhere between 10- 13 companies awards player with 50 free spins, and 100 free spins are given if you have acquired 14- 17 companies. As per rules, acquisition of 18- 19 companies by a player results in a reward amount of 150 free credits. Lastly, 200 free credits will be given to player if 20 companies are acquired virtually in ‘Stock Up’ promo.

Note- These free spins won by player are available to be used on Win Sum Dim Sum online pokie. An important point of consideration is that the prizes can be claimed only after the player has made requisite deposit of €35 after this promotion concludes.

Register at Royal Vegas Casino to scroll down the long list of bonuses available on offer. To make the most of Stock Up bonus offer, sign up at the earliest and boost your winnings.

Click Here to Join Stock Up Promotion at Royal Vegas Casino!