Titan Poker has Organised the Dash for Cash; Participate for Big Wins!

Titan Poker brings you the Dash for Cash race, so get into the gaming mode for a thrilling experience. The lucky winners get to share $16,000 in cash prizes on a monthly basis.

Visit Titan Poker to Participate in Dash for Cash & Win Big

How to Participate in the Race?

Interested players can opt-in for this promotion for free by checking eligibility criteria and earn points to race till win. Participating to win is a two-step process:

You begin with signing-up to play at any of the Cash Tables at Titan Poker and collect Titan points. For every single point earned by you, you are set to climb up a notch higher in the leaderboard.

The secret to boosting your points is to play everyday. Those players, who register to play at the trusted poker every day, will get a 10% boost in ranking. This means if you opt-in to play for an entire week in a row, you will be getting 70% boost in the points table.

Players Allowed: Only the players above 18 years of age are allowed to participate in this promotional offer.

Terms and Conditions for the Dash for Cash

  • It is a weekly promotion that is in play every Wednesday to Tuesday . As for how many points you earn, it depends on the points collected by you within the 7 day period.
  • In one promotional month, if you have opted to play after the conclusion of previous week’s race then you will not be eligible for the prizes of that race. Rather, you are entitled to prizes of coming race.
  • Cash and Speed poker are the only categories that count towards points table in this promotion.
  • Cash bonuses are being released towards a player’s account within 3 days’ time after the conclusion of ongoing promotional Week. These bonuses so offered shall be made available in your account only for a period of 60 days. If not used within this time then the cash bonuses will be eliminated from your account at the poker site without any prior notification.
  • If more than one player stands at same position in the points table then according to the rule of this promotion, all of these players will receive cash prizes on an average basis according to their positions.

Note- A points table has been maintained where you can keep a regular check on current position. Updates to a specific player’s status are being made after every 30 minutes’ slot.

Brace yourself up to race to the top, cross Finish line and rake in massive cash prizes.

Visit Titan Poker to Participate in Dash for Cash & Win Big