Winner Casino launched New Wild Slot games

Winner Casino launched brand newly slots named Wild Games. This 5 reel, 25 payline game presents an affluence of bonuses and stimulating features that can lead your winnings to the next level.

This game is has a squad of animal athletes who are contending for fame. At Winner Casino, players can relish this exhilarating game alongside with grand promotions and bonuses.

The 100M Dash bonus game alters players to opt 1 of the 3 cheetahs that are contending in the 100M dash. Players will win wild symbols or elaborate wild symbols focused on the medal their cheetah won.

Freestyle Swim Bonus feature is one of the most stimulating bonus characteristics in this game. This bonus game permits players to opt one of the three bulldogs that are contending in the freestyle swimming contest. Players will win an assured number of free games grounded on the medal their bulldog won.

In Win a Medal bonus, players will get a precise payout when 3 or more medals of the similar kind come out on the reels. Players will get the maximum payout when 5 gold medals come out on the reels. The Win a Medal bonus payout varies among 80 and 100 times the original bet amount.

The Balance Beam Bonus alters players to opt a balance beam routine for the contender to act upon. Focused on the performance evaluation of the routine, players will get a precise number of free games.