World Cup 2014: Happy Betting

One can feel the temperature soaring in Australia’s frosty streets courtesy the FIFA fever that everyone seems to be catching. Join in the celebrations and cheer up the Socceroos in Brisbane which is pulling the football fans in large number this World Cup Season. Plan to stuff in the savories while you enjoy live betting through your Smartphone.

Milton is your man!!

The extremely popular Arrivederci Pizzeria by Milton in Brisbane will be open round the clock during this football season. They have a lot to offer including Happy Hours during which one can get interesting discounts on their mouth-watering pizzas and of course there will be screens and beer arranged for the ones who arrive in. Doors are open twenty-four seven to one of its kind place in the whole country.

Little Brazil

Witness the spirit of Brazil right here in Australia at the King George Square in Brisbane. Crazy fans dolled up in greens and yellows gather here to watch the action live along with Brazilian music, dance, culinary delights and special performances. All the action is here and you might even encounter supporters of other teams who seem equally enthusiastic and charged up making the whole atmosphere so Brazil-like.

Gamble on the go

You can now wager on your favorite team from your Smartphone by installing the applications like Betfair apps and enjoy live news feeds and results while you gamble. Engage in live betting using these fun applications while you are out enjoying the game with friends or family.

Sportbooks to watch out for

1. Betfair is known for its peer-to-peer betting exchange and its free bets policy is also quite well liked. Their Sportbook has an appealing interface which attracts millions to bets each day.

2. Bet365 is one of the leading betting companies in the world and has millions of dedicated customers in 200 countries. Live Streaming matches and Live Betting Menu is there for the gambling freaks this World Cup season.