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Like other card games, Baccarat is also purely based on chance. It is played by using 4, 6 or 8 deck of cards where players place bets on any of the three main betting areas available on the Baccarat table- player, bank/banker and tie.

Players place the bets and the cards are dealt by the dealer, then an outcome is reached by comparing those cards on the basis of the points the cards earn.

Hence, in Baccarat either the player’s or banker’s hand wins with an equal possibility that the hand may end in a tie. ‘Tie’ occurs when both the hands have received the same points as per the cards dealt and is also the outcome which gives maximum advantage to the casino.

Live Dealer Baccarat 2020

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Baccarat in Live Dealer Segment

Live Dealer is the best aspect of the online casinos where players get the opportunity to gamble in a real land based casino environment at the comfort of their homes.

Baccarat is one of the games which are available at many top online Australian casinos as RNG driven games as well as through their live casino segments.

Live Dealer BaccaratIn Live dealer, game play is not automated- no RNG softwares are used. Instead it uses technology to provide live feed of real dealers who sit in real locations as croupiers to tend to the players and the game.

Hence it is highly recommended that one should at least have a basic idea of the game and its rules, for though in online casino everything is automated, live dealer is certainly not software driven. It is made possible through the latest live video streaming technology.

That is in case of live dealer casino one has to voice the bet instead of clicking on afore stated bet portions and hence must be aware of the terminologies used in Baccarat. Moreover there will be no software which will do the automatics point calculation hence one is required to keep a firm eye on what the croupier is doing.

Many online casino software providers like Microgaming and Playtech have adopted this technology to feed the gamblers with the exciting live dealer experience.

Baccarat Rules at a Glance

Baccarat is a casino game where there are not many rules, and the ones that are prominent are very simple.

  • This game utilizes a normal deck of 52 cards and the game starts where participating players place their bets.
  • Then, the player as well as the banker portions of the baccarat table is dealt two cards each by the dealer.
  • When the cards are dealt, the points are counted to reach a decision
    (i)Face card J, K, Q and 10 are counted as zero
    (ii)Ace is counted as 1 and all other cards 2-9 are given points as per their face value.
    (iii)These card points are added and the hand- from the player or banker- which has the maximum points wins. If the addition results in a two digit number then only the unit place of the number is considered. For instance, (8, 2) on addition results in 10, that mean the hand has earned zero points.
  • The hand whose points are closest to number 9 is declared a winner.
  • If a hand results in 9, it is called natural Baccarat and the players who have bet on that hand wins.
  • Players who bet on ‘player’ get a 1:1/2:1 payout on winning, in case of ‘tie’ a payout of 9or8 to 1 is paid. In case of ‘bank’ they player has to give 5% of his winning to the casino if the bet on ‘bank’ wins.

Advantages of Playing Baccarat with Live Dealer

  • It provides a real and believable land based casino experience in virtual setting. Hence it will not be wrong to say that it brings the real casino feel to ones doorstep.
  • It brings to life the feel of a real casino with all benefits like promotions, welcome bonus and flexible betting amounts that are unique to online casinos only. No such things are observed at real ‘brick and mortar’ casinos.
  • Since it uses live streaming technology, one is not just able to see the game unraveling before them at real time but provision of live chat is also available. Hence it is a two way process.
  • Since everything happens in front of one’s eyes, trust is also a major reason that users are opting live casinos rather than online casinos though they use RNGs.
  • Live dealer Baccarat is never available for free play, still the minimum amount one is required to stake is strikingly less than what one has to pay at the land based casinos.

How is Live Baccarat Different from Online Baccarat?

  • Online version has more Baccarat variants available than the live dealer version.
  • Online version provides an option of free play but no such thing is observed at live dealer Baccarat.
  • Though live dealer utilize live streaming from a real location, they might be slow depending upon the speed of data pack connection plan one has.
  • Though RNGs are used by the online Baccarat games and are the most trusted and fair means of gambling yet many players prefer live dealer game. It is so because they like the added scope of interactivity for the option of striking a conversation with the live dealers is also open.
  • Online Baccarat is a more private affair than live dealer casino, where there can be more players playing at the same time.

How Does A Live Dealer Baccarat Work?

  • It doesn’t use Random number generators
  • It is based on a real time feed that is podcast to the player at real time, which means that the dealer shuffles and cuts the card at real time during the live telecast of the feed over the internet.
  • One can interact with the dealers while the dealer is distributing the cards and can place the bets as per the rules.

Live Dealer Baccarat FAQ


Does Live Dealer Baccarat have different rules?

No, certainly not. Live dealer Baccarat follows the same rules that are followed by its land based and online counterparts.


Are There Any Limitations On The Device Front?

There are no such limitations on the device front. One can easily access live dealer Baccarat through desktop, mobile, laptop or tablet irrespective of the operating system they are using.


What If I Want To Play For Free?

Free play at live dealer Baccarat is not possible. Just like a land based casino where one has to pay the croupier's fee, same happens at live dealer baccarat, though the deposits are usually lower than what are asked for at land based casinos.


Is There A Strategy That I Can Follow?

Yes, the basic strategy meant for online baccarat can also be used in case of live dealer Baccarat. The basics advice the player to usually bet on bank for it has the lowest house edge whereas one should avoid placing bets on 'tie' for though it pays highest payout it also has the highest house edge. One should consult the payout table for the minimum bet available and to know more about the payouts being offered.


Is It True That Live Dealer Baccarat Could Be Rigged?

No doubt that is possible but it is not the case with the casinos that we have picked for you. Our experts have taken it a point to keep clear of the casinos that are not genuine.

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